Inheritance of An Island

After her grandmother’s death, her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend and losing her job…she inherits her late grandmother’s island and all that it entails. She gets a fresh start after having a life of pure hell.

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A Wicked Hero

People would think that villains would make awful parents…but for me that’s not the case. I’m the kid of one of the most powerful villains around. This is my wild adventure.

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A Villainous Helper

A girl only trying to get by in life secretly helps Flug with his fears and anxieties…you can pretty much see that the peace that was once her occasionally life threatening life gets turned upside down.
You all can blame Dementia…it is her fault.

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Starlight & Diamonds

An Earthling that doesn’t want to return to Earth. Has to in order to go to the next step in the relationship they have with their alien lover.
Is it going to be a success or will it end in war?

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Molly’s Magic Shop

Introduction My name is Molly and I own a magic shop. It’s not the stage magic that a lot of people would think of when they hear ‘magic shop’. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall due to the fact I don’t exactly advertise like a lot of different places, hell most of […]

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A Christmas Tale

A mythical tale of forgiveness around the holiday season. But only that…magic is more than real and as this spellcaster finds out, miracles can be more real without the aid of angels or deities.

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A Bloody Eclipse

Blood spilled by that of Eclipse…the targets are not innocent in any way. All of power and wealth know to respect her, those of entitlement know to keep themselves in check and all know to fear her. If you knew what a Gen is…read and find your answers. I guarantee you it’s not what you’re thinking. This story is one hell of a ride.

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Mean Girls VS Knight

What’s a girl to do? Especially the kind that is new to high school and the hierarchy that it entails? Not only is she new to high school, she is new to living life as a civilian…or at least until she is called to duty once again.
This is the story of a female knight that only knew combat from a real young age and is now on her most critical mission yet.
Survive high school.

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